Benefits of wearing silk garments

Silk has amazing properties that are beneficial to human health. Medical research shows that natural silk obtained from silkworms contains 18 amino acids that improve blood circulation and digestive function.

Silk is 97% protein, the remaining 3% is fats and waxes.
Fibrion, one of the silk proteins, heals the skin by slowing down the aging process. It has a high ability to retain moisture, which is why it is often used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

Amino acids and proteins, which are rich in silk fibers and silkworm cocoons, are widely used in the production of creams to moisturize and nourish the skin, as well as skin care products that heal microcracks and help smooth wrinkles. Proteins are able to create on the outer part of the skin - the epidermis - a thin film that prevents moisture evaporation. Even in ancient times, Chinese women, knowing about the healing properties of silk, rubbed the body with a silk cloth, which made the skin soft and smooth.

However, natural silk has several drawbacks, firstly, it wrinkles quite a lot. Although there are types of silk fabrics woven from high twist yarns that do not wrinkle, these are crepe georgette and chiffon. But today this feature has turned into an advantage, into a special chic, allowing to demonstrate the naturalness of the fabric. Secondly, the fact that ugly stains appear on it from the action of moisture. But they can be easily removed with alcohol.

Silk is rightly recognized as useful, beneficial, very soft, lightweight, strong, and also the most elite and expensive of all natural fibers.

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