If you are confused by our sizing system and you want our clothes to fit you perfectly, you can order products made to order according to your individual measurements. To do this, please provide your measurements and links to the products you want to customize in the contact form below:
  • Your height
  • Neck circumference
  • Chest circumference
  • Waist circumference
  • Hip circumference
  • Shoulder width (measured from the base of the neck at the side to the shoulder point)
  • Sleeve length (from shoulder point to wrist)
  • Wrist
After sending measurements, your individual manager will contact you to confirm the order. The order is accepted on full prepayment. The price of the product depends on the complexity of changes in the design of the base model. This is usually plus 40% to 100% of the regular cost. The production time for an individual product is from 2 to 3 weeks.
We strive to ensure that each of our clients finds ideally comfortable silk leisure clothes in our online store.